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GET READY! this SEO Worksheet & Checklist with step-by-step strategies carves out a clear path to elevate your website’s search engine standing. These implementation steps have propelled numerous small businesses to the top of search rankings, and now you can use the same tools to replicate their success. Download this FREE fillable PDF now by filling out the form below.

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βœ… A detailed checklist covering essential SEO topics

βœ… Clear and actionable steps to enhance your website’s search engine ranking

βœ… Up-to-date links to free or paid resources and tools

βœ… A solid foundation for our upcoming SEO Confident Workshop

βœ… Bonus content if you want additional steps

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Meet Telly Ipock, the Mastermind behind this checklist:

Telly Ipock Professional Website Designer and Developer

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Step by Step actionable SEO checklist


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Harry H.

I am writing to recommend Telly Ipock for her exceptional work in conducting a comprehensive audit and enhancing my website. Telly's expertise and dedication have significantly improved our site's performance, which is clearly reflected in our improved Lighthouse statistics.

Telly demonstrated a deep understanding of website optimization and performance issues from the outset. Her approach to the audit was thorough and meticulous, ensuring that no aspect of our website was overlooked. Telly's ability to identify key areas for improvement was particularly impressive.

The results of Telly's work speak for themselves. Post-implementation of her recommendations, our website has seen a marked improvement in performance. Load times have decreased, and overall site health has improved dramatically.

I am confident that Telly will bring the same level of excellence and dedication to any future project that she undertakes.

Tosh A.

"Telly is so knowledgeable about every aspect of this space. She was able to understand our unique needs and provide solutions that fit our business and our goals. I would not hesitate to recommend LinearTech to optimize your business!"

Richard H.

"Telly Ipock at LinearTech offers an excellent and extremely responsive service. Very clear, very helpful and very professional. Highly recommend."

Will D.

"Telly, this is amazing. SEO is so darn confusing. I have worked with many β€œSEO Experts” and they never provided me anywhere near this much clarity.

Joanna S.

"This PDF is truly outstanding. Telly Ipock you've masterfully outlined a clear path forward that can be implemented directly on one's own website."

Lynne C.

"I'm indebted to a friend who recommended to me. Telly is a creative genius. Her suggestions were spot on and gave my old, tired website a completely modern new look and made it mobile friendly. Her professionalism and creativity spill over onto your website. I highly recommend this company. Telly's services are budget-friendly and your website is finished in a timely manner. She even made it a fun project!"

Mary L.

"I learned a lot by reading this (SEO Worksheet)! When my website is done, I'm going to perform this audit! It looks great, it's clear, concise, I felt like it flowed well and like I knew at every moment what the next step was. "

Carol D.

"There is a lot of info on your wonderful guide and it is helpful. I am so confused about all the steps needed to properly do SEO and you seemed to have listed all of them. My website and copy need it badly. I actually like your guide because it gives me a place to start and study. Then I can ask clarifying questions later."

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