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JTB Law Logo Design by LinearTech

JTB Law, PLLC was established by Jack T. Brock in Greenville, NC, a rising star in the law firm industry. Jack has been working to support small businesses owners and entrepreneurs as they build and expand their enterprises. Jack listens carefully to his clients to understand their needs and find the best way to achieve clients’ objectives. He stands as a business partner for his clients to ensure they have knowledgeable and dedicated legal representation.

JTB Law’s practice areas include: Corporate & Business, Employment, Patent, Trademark & Copyright, Civil Litigation, Wills & Estate Planning, and Consumer Finance.

In 2020, JTB hired LinearTech to design and create their business logo, with their signature royal blue and wheat gold colors. LinearTech also designed and built the responsive WordPress website, to best showcase JTB’s services and professionalism. We worked with JTB’s team side-by-side, from logo design, branding, to content creation, domain registration, website development, testing, proofreading, IT support, and all the way to launching, hosting, and SEO optimization. We did it through effective communication, collaborative, and teamwork.