Website: www.jtb2law.com

JTB Law, PLLC was established by Jack T. Brock in Greenville, NC, a rising star in the law firm industry. Jack has been working to support small businesses owners and entrepreneurs as they build and expand their enterprises. Jack listens carefully to his clients to understand their needs and find the best way to achieve clients’ objectives. He stands as a business partner for his clients to ensure they have knowledgeable and dedicated legal representation.

JTB Law’s practice areas include: Corporate & Business, Employment, Patent, Trademark & Copyright, Civil Litigation, Wills & Estate Planning, and Consumer Finance.

In 2020, JTB hired LinearTech to design and create their business logo, with their signature royal blue and wheat gold colors. LinearTech also designed and built the responsive WordPress website, to best showcase JTB’s services and professionalism. We worked with JTB’s team side-by-side, from logo design, branding, to content creation, domain registration, website development, testing, proofreading, IT support, and all the way to launching, hosting, and SEO optimization. We did it through effective communication, collaborative, and teamwork.

JTB Law Logo Design by LinearTech
JTB Law Responsive WordPress Mobile Friendly Website Designed, Built, and Hosted by LinearTech
New Bern Family Dentistry

New Bern Family Dentistry

Website: https://newbernfamilydentistry.com/

Dr. Debra Gong Choe wanted her new website to look reflect the quality of her practice. She hired LinearTech to build a site that was easy for her patients to use and would show and tell the story about her phenomenal staff.

LinearTech updated her logo with new colors and created a website that was personalized for New Bern Family Dentistry with photography by Bob Mackowski of Open Aperture Photography. Dr. Choe also needed content that would explain the services she and her team offered in terms that her patients could easily understand, which is where The Reactive Voice, Jane Maulucci stepped in to create the website copy.

The new site is welcoming and informative for both new and current patients, provides links to the documents that patients need, and has appointment request features that are monitored by the staff.

Website Design New Bern Family Dentistry
Crockett’s Critter Care

Crockett’s Critter Care

Website: crockettscrittercare.com

Crockett’s Critter Care is located in New Bern, North Carolina and has been caring for pets for more than 15 years.

Jeanne Crockett is the founder of Crockett’s Critter Care. Jeanne and her employees specialize in Fear Free methods to ensure a pleasant experience on every visit. Jeanne been selected as the Pet Sitter of the Year 2020 by Pet Sitters International.

In 2019, Crockett’s Critter Care was upping their marketing game with LinearTech’s help. LinearTech teamed up with The Reactive Voice and Open Aperture Photography to create new content, photographs, graphics, and a bran new website for their branding and marketing needs.

Todd Burrier

Todd Burrier

Website: toddburrier.com

Todd Burrier is an experienced marketer, speaker, and author who works with individuals, corporations, and home business entrepreneurs to help them achieve their personal and professional goals to create their best life.

Todd’s business was doing well with word of mouth recommendations and referrals, but he wanted to strengthen his image. He was seeking to update his brand with a memorable logo and a website that was modern, efficient, and a better representative for his business goals. LinearTech worked with Todd to design a logo that showed growth and energy, updated the colors and layout of his website, and made the site user friendly so that potential clients could find the information they needed to quickly connect with Todd.  

LinearTech also teamed up with Bob Mackowski of Open Aperture Photography to capture photos that reveal Todd’s friendly, genuine, and caring personality. Jane Maulucci of The Reactive Voice worked with Todd’s website content to create a captivating message that inspired readers to take the next step and contact Todd or buy his books.  The collaboration created a unique and highly functional website for Todd, which included a robust blogging system, a tight integration with Aweber –  an email marketing platform he had already been using for years to build his large audience base, and an easy content sharing to social media feature, which enables Todd to easily share new posts with his email contacts and social media connections.

Empower Taekwondo

Empower Taekwondo

Website: https://empower-tkd.com/

Empower Taekwondo was founded by Master Hama Alzouma in 2018 to deliver Taekwondo classes to both children and adults in and around New Bern, North Carolina. Their programs include Takwondo for Adults, Takwondo for Children, After School and Summer Camp for kids, as well as Kick2BeFit, a special physical program for adults.

They offer Olympic-style and the traditional martial art of Taekwondo. This fully-accredited program is recommended for those seeking the authentic Korean martial arts experience and training; and, for those who wish to perform their best physically and mentally. 

LinearTech designed and created a new logo for Empower Taekwondo. By working closely with the client, we also designed and developed a fully responsive WordPress website for them, with fresh photos and content that best represent this business and their mission. This is website is also highly optimized for search engines so it can stand out among the competitive martial art industry.

LinearTech also helped design and print their marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, and coupons. We are their one-stop marketing shop which provides both online and offline promotion needs.