website and logo design

WordPress Website:

Todd Burrier is an experienced marketer, speaker, and author who works with individuals, corporations, and home business entrepreneurs to help them achieve their personal and professional goals to create their best life.

Todd’s business was doing well with word of mouth recommendations and referrals, but he wanted to strengthen his image. He was seeking to update his brand with a memorable logo and a website that was modern, efficient, and a better representative for his business goals. LinearTech worked with Todd to design a logo that showed growth and energy, updated the colors and layout of his website, and made the site user friendly so that potential clients could find the information they needed to quickly connect with Todd.  

LinearTech also teamed up with Bob Mackowski of Open Aperture Photography to capture photos that reveal Todd’s friendly, genuine, and caring personality. Jane Maulucci of The Reactive Voice worked with Todd’s website content to create a captivating message that inspired readers to take the next step and contact Todd or buy his books.  The collaboration created a unique and highly functional website for Todd, which included a robust blogging system, a tight integration with Aweber –  an email marketing platform he had already been using for years to build his large audience base, and an easy content sharing to social media feature, which enables Todd to easily share new posts with his email contacts and social media connections.