Platform: WordPress
Year Built: 2023 (Redesign, Rebuild)
Modern Design, Custom Theme, Updated Content, SEO

Craven Ag Services (CAS) is a family-owned and operated business in Eastern North Carolina that provides efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly waste recycling services. Their offerings include vacuum trucks for grease trap and septic system cleaning, portable toilet services, and dry waste management for commercial industries. CAS processes all waste at their center, preparing it for recycling as a soil amendment to promote crop growth.

In 2015, LinearTech built the original website for Craven Ag Services, which served the company well for several years. However, as the business grew and the digital landscape evolved, CAS needed a more modern and performant website to showcase their services and reach their target audience effectively.

In 2023, LinearTech undertook the redesign and relaunch of the Craven Ag Services website: Our focus was on creating a modern design, developing a custom theme, updating content, improving user experience and interactions, and implementing the latest SEO best practices.

The new website now features a sleek, modern design that aligns with CAS’s brand identity and highlights their commitment to providing top-notch services. By developing a custom WordPress theme, we were able to create a unique online presence tailored to CAS’s specific needs and preferences.

Working closely with the CAS team, we updated the website content to provide a comprehensive overview of their services and the benefits they bring to their clients. This collaboration allowed us to better understand the company’s goals and create a website that speaks directly to their target audience.

We also implemented various SEO strategies to ensure the website ranked higher in search results and attracted more local traffic. By combining modern design, a custom theme, updated content, and SEO, we were able to create a website that not only looks great but also effectively drives growth for Craven Ag Services.

The redesigned and relaunched Craven Ag Services website now serves as a powerful digital platform that showcases their services and attracts potential clients. Visit the new website at to see how LinearTech has helped CAS establish a strong online presence and continue to thrive in their industry.