Ignite Your Content Strategy: How to Create Effective Content

Creating content that resonates with your audience is a superpower we should all strive to develop.

Yes, there are many Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools you can use nowadays to assist with content creation. Some can even generate a whole article for you based off only a few words in the prompt.

However, while it can provide the words, AIs can’t create the connection you desire for your audience. You must put in the effort to ensure that your content sounds like you, a real person, and brings value to your reader.

E-E-A-T: Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trust

Remember in one of our previous posts SEO Fundamentals: Laying The Groundwork, we explained how E-E-A-T is a key factor to ranking at the top of search engine results?

When you provide high-quality content that is relevant and speaks directly to your audience you will create a connection that will be difficult to break. You will become their Subject Matter Expert on your particular solution. You’ll be the go-to authority that they can depend on. No one else and certainly no AI knows your business, your expertise, your passion, and your audience better than you.

Your expertise comes from the experiences you’ve had, the tools you use, and the benefits of the products or services you provide. WOW! Now you’ve got a whole bunch of things that you can use as topics for your content.

Keyword Research

Understanding what your target audience is searching online is also an important part of crafting result-driven content. Read more on Leveraging Long Tail Keywords For SEO Success.

Capture, Connect, and Convert with Great Content

Imagine you sell kites. Your content topics could be about a kite flying contest you entered (experience), the best kite string to use (tools), and why kite flying is a stress reliever (benefits).

See what I did there? Each topic is loaded with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword opportunities!


  1. Start with a title that attracts the reader’s attention.
  2. Give them an opening that hooks them into the content:
    Kite flying has a therapeutic effect and helps to reduce anxiety and depression. Just 20 minutes of kite flying is shown to improve mood, provide exercise, and create silly smiles.
  3. Next, elaborate on your opening statement with a line or two about each of your three points.
    Improve Mood – get outdoors, reconnect, inexpensive mini-escape
    Gentle Exercise – hold tight to the kite string, walk/run to get lift, keep looking up!
    Silly Smiles – you relax and naturally smile, other people smile, it’s contagious.
  4. Finally, CTA – Call To Action
    Tell the reader how to connect with you so that they can learn more or make a purchase.
    Want to learn how to build your own kite? Click here to sign up for our kite building class.


With that little bit of content, you have captured your reader, connected with them by providing valuable information, and the call to action at the bottom of the content converts them to at least a follower if not a client.

YOU did it! Not a bot who has no feeling for your audience.


AI is great for generating information. It is not so hot at making a connection between you and your reader. While you can use AI to build a foundation for your content, be sure to put your touch on it.

Your personality should shine through in your content. It may be high energy with ALL CAPS, or it might be a soothing tone that calms the reader. That personality is what will make the reader connect with you. Your tribe will naturally come to you, and they will share your insights with other like-minded folks.


You absolutely need to check your content for the basics like grammar and spelling errors, and errors in fact or what AI calls “hallucinations.” Get another human to review your stuff before you send it out. You can repay the favor by giving their content a once over.

Watch your words. Would you call a whale a cetacean, and would your readers know what that is? Use language that resonates with you and your readers.

Your content should sound like you are having a conversation. No matter if you have 10 or 10,000 followers, each person is all ears and eyes focused on your message. Honor that by giving them something worthy of their time and attention.


And in case you missed the message, AI content is regurgitated. Like the dog’s dinner.

Put your personal touch on your content and stand out from all your competition.  

Be human, be you!


So, you’d wonder: who wrote this article? A human or a bot?

A human, of course! This post is attributed to Jane H. Maulucci, founder of The Reactive Voice. She’s a copywriter, ghostwriter, author, and the content creator for a lot of LinearTech’s website content. Need some help crafting great content that Capture, Connect, and Convert your audience? Connect with Jane.

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